At CompleteCare, we pride ourselves on getting to know your patients. Our staff is trained to make your patients feel comfortable while talking about their healthcare balances. We help your patients to understand their statements. We realize that healthcare is a bill that no one is excited about paying, but we are here to make the process as effortless as possible.

At CompleteCare, our job is to collect out of pocket dollars for our healthcare facilities. We promise our clients that we will do this with compassion.

Our Patient Services Representatives are trained to work with the patients to make manageable payment arrangements when necessary. Our PSRs are also available to help patients with Financial Assistance Applications, if applicable.

PSRs are available to take payments over the phone by check or by credit card.

Patients can also utilize our IVR payment by phone system. This is a quick and convenient payment option for your patients. 

At CompleteCare, we are constantly looking for more convenient and efficient ways for your patients to make payments. Not only do we accept checks by mail, we also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and checks by phone and online. Patients can also pay with their PayPal accounts or set up auto-draft arrangements with a valid credit card or checking account. Our patients also have the ability to pay their related healthcare bills in cash with PayNearMe at local Family Dollar stores, 7-11s, and Ace Cash Express locations.

There are no processing costs or fees to your patients to make these payments.

CompleteCare also offers eStatements for patients who opt-in. This convenient service allows patients to view their current and up to three previous statements with a direct link to the payment options.

We know that your patients want to pay their bills; they just need manageable ways to do so. That’s what we do.