What Is CompleteCare?

CompleteCare’s mission which we have been using since 1983: Patients need manageable terms to pay out-of-pocket healthcare costs.  Now more than ever, CompleteCare can be the partner your facility needs. We have been working with hospitals and large clinics designing and managing day one patient payment programs.   We are guarantor-based which helps to eliminate patient confusion and makes manageable payments effective.  Our expertise is customization and flexibility. 

Maybe even more important in today’s ever-changing patient-pay healthcare environment is the need to stay on top of legal updates and changes.   Not providing the right wording on your statements, even if the statement comes from your facility, can cost significant fines.  Adding insult to injury, you could get fined for sending incorrect statements to patients who were not going to pay you anyway.

If patients pay your facility directly and/or your facility is sending out its own statements, there are many laws that must be followed:  truth-in-lending laws, disclosures, etc.  If your facility offers Financial Assistance, there are Federal Treasury Department Regulations.  If your facility allows the patients to pay by check and or credit card by phone, on-line, or by mail, there are PCI-DSS standards that must be followed, too.

CompleteCare stays on top of rules and regulations to make sure our client statements have the most up-to-date information in all 50 states.  Please remember…your facility may be in your home state, but patients move to other states where billing laws may be different than yours.