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  1. Introduction.

This Website, www.completecare.com, herein known as “Website,” is provided as a service to our Clients and those to whom they provide related services. Use of this Website, in part or in whole, shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with any part of these Terms and Conditions, you are instructed to not use this Website.

CompleteCare, Inc., is permitted to review and revise as necessary these Terms and Conditions at any time. By using this Website, you should periodically review these Terms and Conditions before continuing. This will ensure you understand all Terms and Conditions which govern the use of this Website. The Terms and Conditions, including any legal notices or disclaimers, constitute the entire agreement between CompleteCare, Inc., and you for usage of this Website. These Terms and Conditions supersede all prior agreements and understandings with respect to the same.

If you are not 18 years of age, or are not an emancipated minor, you should not use this Website.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights.

Other than content you own, specifically your personal information, including information regarding the goods/services provided by our Client/s, CompleteCare, Inc., and/or its licensors own all rights to the intellectual property and material contained on the Website, and all such rights are reserved.

By using this Website, you are granted a limited use license only, which is subject to the restrictions outlined in the Terms and Conditions. This limited use license is granted only for the purpose of viewing the material provided and to make payment towards the balance due our Client/s for goods/services they have previously provided you. This Website is provided "as is," with all faults, and CompleteCare, Inc., makes no express or implied warranties or representations, of any kind, related to this Website or the materials contained on this Website. Nothing contained on this Website shall be interpreted as providing advice to you.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights.

In regard to the Website, “Your Content,” shall be considered as limited to the following:

Your personal demographics, including your name, address, email address, telephone number*, user name, password, and any other personally identifiable information which you supply, or any other personally identifiable information supplied to us by our clients necessary for us to provide the services for which we are contracted.

If you choose to opt-in/enroll for eStatements you are granting CompleteCare, Inc., and those we contract with permission to include the Personal Health Information (PHI) provided by our clients related to our patient billing services in order for said information to be viewable on this Website. If you do not wish to have this PHI made available by an electronic medium, i.e., eStatements, you should not opt-in/enroll.

* By including a cellular phone number in your eStatement application, you are granting to CompleteCare, Inc., your express consent to utilize that telephone number for contact reasons related to your accounts.

We reserve the right to remove Your Content from the Website at any time, and for any reason, without notice.

  1. Assignment.

CompleteCare, Inc., shall be permitted to assign, transfer, and subcontract its rights and/or obligations under these Terms without any notification or consent required in order to provide the services outlined on the Website. By using this website, you understand that we reserve the right to contract with differing vendors or licensors as needed to provide the services provided to you. Your usage of this website indicates that you have read these Terms and Conditions and understand your obligations to keep Your Content private. You are not permitted to assign, transfer, or subcontract any of your rights/obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Indemnification.

Under the Website’s Terms and Conditions, you hereby indemnify CompleteCare, Inc., from and against any consequences arising out of, or in any way related to, your breach of these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction.

These Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of the State of Arkansas, and you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the State and Federal Courts located in Arkansas for the resolution of any disputes.